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The Labrador

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  The standard

The LABRADOR is a dog between 23 and 34 kg, measuring 54 to 57 cm at the withers. The appearance of the LABRADOR must be that of a dog, solidly built, short and very active, broad skull, chest broad and deep, and loins wide and strong. The coat is made of a tight bristle, short and hard to the touch, and a waterproof undercoat.The tail called "otter tail" should be thick at the base and taper gradually towards the end.

The color of the coat is black, yellow or chocolate. A small white spot on chest is permissible. The LABRADOR of good strain has a pedigree where you will find among his ancestors the titles: CD, CDX, OTCH (obedience titles),WC, WCX, FTCH  (hunting titles), CH (conformation title).

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